Dr. Simon Collinson

Chief Science Officer

Simon was an early pioneer in the development of digital cognitive tools from the 1990s. He received his Doctorate in clinical medicine (Neuropsychology) at the University of Oxford, he has 25 years as a clinical neuropsychological researcher as a PI and Co PI and collaborator in research projects amounting to over $20 million and has authored over 80 scientific publications in neuropsychology. In addition to several lifetime and international research awards, Simon is a former Associate Professor of Psychology at The National University of Singapore, Honorary Clinical Neuropsychologist at National University Hospital, and a visiting scientist at the Institute of Mental Health, Singapore. He has held clinical and research positions in Australia and the United Kingdom including the University Department of Psychiatry at Oxford, Charing Cross Medical School/Imperial College School of Medicine London, and The Mental Health Research Institute of Victoria in Melbourne, Australia. He has been Senior Clinical Neuropsychologist in Neurosurgery at the Alfred Hospital and Cedar Court/Epworth Rehabilitation Hospitals in Melbourne, Australia.