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Human error, missed data, scoring inconsistencies, and researcher bias are just some of the challenges faced while conducting research studies.

Whether you are in clinical or academic research, or in a contract research organization (CRO), Savonix enables you to overcome challenges and advance your research by selecting the right participants, tracking compliance, and remotely administering cognitive testing to your participants.

Understand your participants better when you take a behind-the-scenes look at our data. Use Savonix Insights to provide in-depth cognitive, demographic, and behavioral analyses of data to enhance
your products.

Built on the Unity gaming platform, our digital cognitive assessments are device-agnostic, accurate, and reliable. Our tests are also clinically valid, brief, and accessible. In 30 minutes, participants can independently and remotely test their cognitive health on any mobile device, and you’ll receive immediate results. As a researcher, you can choose from our battery of cognitive tests such as focus, memory, and attention, and tailor them to your research criteria.

Our growing database of 50 million data points provides you with insights into test performance and cognition, and can be leveraged for your research protocol. With Savonix, we simplify the job of recruitment by helping you identify clinical trial participants based on gender, race, education, and more. And as decentralized clinical trials increase, we help you to enroll your participants easily and remotely without an administrator, enabling you to reach large-scale geographic populations.

What Other Researchers Say About Us:

“We are looking to generate evidence through new digital technologies. We chose Savonix as a partner because their company’s cognitive assessment platform is not just a simple memory test, but a multi-domain cognitive assessment. Savonix Mobile is an accurate, accessible, and affordable tool for professional cognitive screens that consumers using our supplement will be able to use to assess their cognitive health.”

Dr. Sharon James
Head of Research and Development at Bayer’s Consumer Health Division

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The Savonix Complete Research Solution includes:

Our cognitive assessment, Savonix Mobile,
for participants can be taken remotely on any
mobile device.

About Savonix Mobile

Savonix Mobile offers several advantages over traditional pen and paper tests.

Savonix Mobile

Pen-And-Paper Tests

Interrater Reliability

Savonix Mobile


Fully digital platform ensures that
each test administration is the same.

Pen-And-Paper Tests

Susceptible to Human Error

Even with trained professionals and proctors, it is difficult for each test to be conducted and rated identically.

Data Quality

Savonix Mobile

100% Captured

The Digital platform accurately
captures all standard data points
as well as novel metadata points
to the millisecond.

Pen-And-Paper Tests

Data Missed

Human error means that data cannot be captured accurately to the millisecond and is subject to rater bias.

Scientific Validity

Savonix Mobile

Comparable to Pen-and-Paper

Savonix converted gold-standard
pen-and-paper tests into a digital
format. Validity is confirmed by
convergent validity and test re-test reliability studies.

Pen-And-Paper Tests

Gold Standard

These tests have been rigorously assessed for internal validity. Thousands of scientific publications have used these tests as part of their studies.


Savonix Mobile


Automatic double- and triple-
blinding capabilities guarantee that researcher bias does not influence
results, while still allowing for
compliance monitoring.

Pen-And-Paper Tests


Blinding is often imperfect due to the fact that data gatherers often enroll participants.


Savonix Mobile

Can Be Taken at Home

Participants can be assigned their cognitive tests at home, reducing scheduling issues and improving
data capture.

Pen-And-Paper Tests

Must Be in Person

Inherent bottleneck that requires a participant to see a clinician in person and can lead to
missing data.

Other Features of Savonix Mobile:


  • Completion Rates – our experience demonstrates 98 percent completion rate and repeat testing capability.

  • Accuracy and Sensitivity - detects cognitive impairment 84 percent greater than traditional pen and paper tests.

  • Cost-Effectiveness – because participants can take the assessment on their own time from their own homes, you no longer require costly clinicians to administer the test.

  • Repeat Assessment Capability - uses parallel forms of configurable tasks to control for practice effects across repeated administrations.


Our HIPAA and Part 11 compliant dashboard is accessible on any mobile device, and ensures researchers receive valid, reliable, and secure data.

  • Clinical flagging ensures only the most meaningful data is being used for your trial.

  • Provides access to in-depth cognitive, demographic, and behavioral analyses.


Neuro Consulting - our neuropsychologists and clinical team consulting services range from help with study design to statistical analysis planning to data reporting and insights.

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