Eliminate Paper Assessments and Provide Quality Care

Providers like you value effective time management and productivity. Why administer traditional pen and paper cognitive tests–that can take up to six hours–when you could be spending more time with patients and getting reimbursed for it?

We understand the need for efficiency–time is important to you and to your patients. Our complete provider solution for the assessment and management of cognitive health simplifies and streamlines the entire process. This results in more time spent with your patient and better quality care.

The Savonix Complete Provider Solution Includes:

Our cognitive assessment, Savonix Mobile, for patients can be taken remotely on any mobile device without the need for clinician supervision. Our assessments are 30 minutes and mapped to DSM-V and CMS criteria. Using our engagement portal, your patients can access test results and view their status across multiple dimensions of cognitive health in a patient-friendly format.

About Savonix Mobile

Our HIPAA compliant dashboard allows you to view results, monitor changes, and manage access to Savonix tests. It can be accessed remotely from any mobile device or web. Through the dashboard, you can also access:

  • Our on demand, personalized care plan generator, SavonixCare, combines the results of your patient’s assessment with care plan components to streamline the clinical diagnosis and treatment process. With SavonixCare you can identify the appropriate interventions for your patients and view their assessment results. Our care plans are mapped to DSM-V and NICE guidelines and meet CMS mandated documentation requirements when billing CPT 99483. Reimbursement guide.

  • Our analytics tools, Savonix Insights, designed by our team of data scientists and neuropsychologists, gives you ready access to in-depth cognitive, demographic, and behavioral reports. Whether you need a population-level picture or information about an individual patient, Savonix Insights provides the answers you need.

The Savonix Personal Summary Report —
A Valuable tool for Patient Care

Savonix encourages patients to consult with their providers to interpret results and address concerns about their brain health.

The Savonix Personal Summary Report presents the opportunity for providers to understand your patient’s health and how you can manage their brain wellness. If the cognitive assessment was ordered for your patient, the report will instantaneously be available on your dashboard once they have completed it.

Savonix Mobile assesses some or all of the following domains of your patient’s cognition:

Instant Verbal Memory
Delayed Verbal Memory
Impulse Control
Emotion Identification
Information Processing
Instant Spatial Memory
Delayed Spatial Memory
Visual Learning
Flexible Thinking
Working Memory
Executive Function

Because we include a lifestyle questionnaire as part of the assessment, we are able to guide the patient’s understanding of the results by categorizing behaviors (e.g. smoking, exercise, sleep, alcohol) by the level of risk they bear on cognitive function.

Based on this comprehensive information, both you and your patients will have in-depth information about each cognitive function and their possible strengths and weaknesses.

Provide Feedback to Patients

Read our Best Practices Guide on providing feedback to patients.

Learn the importance of testing your patients early and often.

If you have questions about our Savonix assessment
test or would like more information on SavonixCare and our other solutions, contact us.