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Our name Savonix means to know your brain. As a global leader in cognition, Savonix is committed to living up to our name and making an impact in cognitive health through our partnerships in
the community.

Savonix is your virtual neuropsychologist. Our digital mobile platform was created as a result of hundreds of years of test history, and developed by our team of leading data neuropsychologists, engineers, and scientists.

Our partners are researchers, providers, consumers, and payers. We provide them solutions and tools to better understand cognitive health and to make advances in the fight
against dementia.

2.7 billion people worldwide use smartphones. We are determined to make Savonix available to the greatest number of people. That’s why, from inception, we designed our platform to be available on all smart mobile devices. The Savonix assessment supports English, Japanese, and Chinese.

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The Savonix tests begin with short, modular,
easy-to-understand instructions. Designed with the human-machine interface in mine, our tests are visually beautiful, engaging, and fun. Our gaming engine provides simplicity and fluidity for a seamless experience — you won’t even feel like you’re taking a test.

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Unlike traditional neuropsychology or other digital tools that take days or weeks for test results or require the time and expense of a multi-hour-long clinic visit, Savonix provides immediate results to patients, providers, and researchers. Discover your cognitive status today.

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Customer Use Cases

Savonix has a diverse portfolio of customers from medical offices, clinics, and universities to life science, consultancies, and the Fortune 50. The examples below showcase ways we can help your organization, regardless of size or industry.

Fortune 50 Insurer in Asia

Savonix was selected as
a global insurance partner in “dementia risk prediction” because we offer a brain health platform that dramatically enhances consumer engagement and is mapped to the DSM-V to detect minor and major cognitive impairment.


As a global health and wellness specialist, ProAge uses Savonix as an outcomes measurement tool. They chose Savonix because it is a mobile and clinically valid assessment that is not only consumer-friendly but also has proven acceptability with the elderly.

Senescense Life Sciences

Given the depth of our tool’s reporting, the Savonix assessment enabled Senescence Life Sciences to measure not only the efficacy of their product, but also the impact it had on various functions of the brain.

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