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Digital Cognitive Health Company, Savonix, Unveils Japanese Website to Better Serve Clients and Expand Outreach in Japan
October 21, 2020
Savonix and Fujitsu Connected Technologies Limited Partner to Introduce Savonix Mobile App on Raku-Raku Smartphone F-42A
October 1, 2020
Savonix and Mitani Sangyo Partnership Introduces Digital Cognitive Screening for Employees for Early Dementia Prevention
July 30, 2020

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The 4MOM Charity Speaker Series
The 4MOM Charity Speaker Series #1:

Dr. Mylea Charvat answers the most common Alzheimer's questions.
Alzheimer’s Speaks Radio
Today Lori La Bey speaks with Dr. Mylea Charvat who has been touched by dementia which she will share and how that has impacted her desire for answers. As the CEO of Savonix, Mylea drives strategies to address dementia globally with business and clinical leaders. Listen in and learn.
Move For Minds and Savonix
Savonix was in Los Angeles for Move for Minds an event presented by Maria Shriver and the Women’s Alzheimer’s Movement, an annual initiative that aims to ignite men and women everywhere to make their cognitive health a priority!

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Alzheimer’s Is Not A Silent Disease If You Are Listening
August 7, 2020
40歳以上の社員に認知機能チェックのアプリ導入 金沢の企業
July 30, 2020
August 5, 2020

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