Meet our Clinically Valid and Highly Sensitive Cognitive Assessment Platform

As a researcher, it is critical that the cognitive data for your post-market study or clinical trial unites your needs and regulatory requirements for sensitive, accurate results that meet DSM-5 criteria for the measurement of cognitive function in your participants.

There are many benefits to our digital cognitive assessment platform including, a beautiful user friendly interface with 98% completion rates, outcome measurement, repeat testing capability with controls for practice effect, participant selection to quickly enroll your study, and real-time monitoring of data. A web-based and mobile-friendly dashboard enables your team to track compliance and offers single, double, and triple-blind capability for your study. With HIPAA and Part 11 compliance, you can rely on us to ensure the confidence, validity, reliability and security of your data.

Here’s how we compare against other cognitive assessment methods:

Savonix Mobile

Pen-And-Paper Tests

Interrater Reliability

Savonix Mobile


Fully digital platform ensures that
each test administration is the same.

Pen-And-Paper Tests

Susceptible to Human Error

Even with trained professionals and proctors, it is difficult for each test to be conducted and rated identically.

Data Quality

Savonix Mobile

100% Captured

The Digital platform accurately
captures all standard data points
as well as novel metadata points
to the millisecond.

Pen-And-Paper Tests

Data Missed

Human error means that data cannot be captured accurately to the millisecond and is subject to rater bias.

Scientific Validity

Savonix Mobile

Comparable to Pen-and-Paper

Savonix converted gold-standard
pen-and-paper tests into a digital
format. Validity is confirmed by
convergent validity and test re-test reliability studies.

Pen-And-Paper Tests

Gold Standard

These tests have been rigorously assessed for internal validity. Thousands of scientific publications have used these tests as part of their studies.


Savonix Mobile


Automatic double- and triple-
blinding capabilities guarantee that researcher bias does not influence
results, while still allowing for
compliance monitoring.

Pen-And-Paper Tests


Blinding is often imperfect due to the fact that data gatherers often enroll participants.


Savonix Mobile

Can Be Taken at Home

Participants can be assigned their cognitive tests at home, reducing scheduling issues and improving
data capture.

Pen-And-Paper Tests

Must Be in Person

Inherent bottleneck that requires a participant to see a clinician in person and can lead to missing data.

Benefits of Savonix


Select the right participants

Our platform is clinically valid and highly sensitive. It distinguishes between neuro normal, mild cognitive impairment, and significant cognitive impairment—allowing you to screen for the right participants for your study based on comprehensive cognitive and lifestyle data.


Access real-time data

Unlike traditional neuropsychology tools that require hours or days to generate results, Savonix provides immediate results once the assessment is complete. By eliminating the wait to receive cognitive data, our platform puts you in a better position to meet tight timelines and quickly make enrollment decisions and analyze outcome results with 100% clean reliable on-demand data.


Track compliance

Know with certainty when your participants complete their assessment. The Savonix Dashboard provides on-demand reports that track participant compliance with your study protocol to help site directors manage participation.


Apple HealthApp and Savonix

Savonix is the only digital cognitive assessment built based on gold standard neuropsychological measures outlined in the DSM-5 to determine the presence of mild and major neurocognitive disorder. We combine hundreds of years of test history in our measures with Unity 3-D game mechanics and integration with Apple HealthApp. With Savonix on iOS devices you can use one point to gather sensitive cognitive data and to monitor other critical factors like daily activity levels, sleep, blood glucose and heart data for your study.

Senescence Life Sciences

Senescence Life Sciences’ neuroprotective supplement products are designed to boost brain function while protecting the brain from free radical damage. Using Savonix to evaluate the long-term efficacy of the supplement across different functions of the brain, Senescence Life Sciences assesses the cognitive benefits of their product.

“There are many companies doing something similar, but we found Savonix to be the leader among those we looked at.”

Dr. Shawn Watson
CEO, Senescence Life Sciences

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