Robin’s Wish Premieres Sept 1

The late Robin Williams made us laugh as the alien Mork. Inspired us to “Carpe diem” in Dead Poets Society. Moved us in Good Will Hunting. And that’s just skimming the filmography surface, and to who he was as a human being. He also spread joy off-screen helping support several charitable causes.

So it came as a shock when Robin, the beloved actor, comedian, and humanitarian, died by suicide in 2014. But why did he take his life? Amidst the media speculation and rumors on Robin’s motives, there was more to his story. Robin had lost a battle against an unknown enemy: brain disease Lewy body dementia (LBD).

Robin’s Wish, premieres on September 1, and–for the first time–offers personal insights and information from those closest to Robin about his condition during his final days. Our very own CEO, Mylea Charvat, is co-executive producer, and Savonix is the proud partner/sponsor of this inspiring and touching film.

The film includes the exclusive perspective of his wife Susan Schneider, now Vice Chair of the board of the American Brain Foundation, and her journey from Robin’s passing to the coroner’s report that outlined the presence of LBD, to her advocacy work today.

What is LBD?

Without a diagnosis, LBD can cause heightened fear and paranoia. LBD affects about 1.4 million individuals and their families in the United States, and is the second most common type of progressive dementia after Alzheimer’s.

The first film of its kind about LBD, Robin’s Wish tells the story of what people with this form of brain disease are really struggling with.

Robin’s Wish brings awareness that will help support change in diagnosis and care. The film asks us to challenge existing stigmas around mental health and the symptoms of brain disease, and to begin seeing the connections between psychology and physiology.

The Final Word on Robin’s Character and Legacy

Robin lived to make others laugh no matter what they were facing.

He inspired and mentored other performers, gave generously of his time to our troops overseas, and helped veterans and those with special needs.

Robin may have lost his final battle with dementia, but he succeeded at his lifelong goal – To make people less afraid. Robin’s Wish is the final word on his character and his legacy.

Watch Robin’s Wish on Apple TV today.