Facts & Figures | Dementia and Savonix

Mathematics is instrumental in our lives even if we are not aware that we use it almost every day. World Math Day, October 15th, started in 2007 to encourage students around the world to take a break from math lessons and to engage in online competitive games around mental math problems.

Math is essential in more ways than one. From measuring ingredients for a recipe, telling time, calculating change to make a purchase, the list is endless. Not only is this subject important in our day-to-day, but as you’re doing math, you’re also giving your brain a good workout and improving brain health!

Math helps stimulate cognition, and uses problem-solving skills, creates the basis for systemic thinking, and improves the skills required to use logical conclusions. It trains the mind to handle unfamiliar tasks with ease and confidence and promotes cautious and careful thinking.

On this day, we stimulate your brain with some important facts and figures to remind you of the impact of dementia and how Savonix helps in the fight.

To download the infographics, click here.

Given these statistics, we hope you’ll do the math and realize the importance of early and regular cognitive testing to reduce the risks of cognitive decline and dementia.

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