An Integrated Approach

At Savonix, we believe there is no mental health or physical health – there is just health.

With our community of leading scientists, Savonix developed a mobile neurocognitive assessment and brain health platform. Clinically validated and used by patients, clinicians, and insurers worldwide, our platform allows end users to screen for cognitive health directly from their mobile device. Built specifically for mobile, it ensures precise reaction time within milliseconds, which guarantees more accurate cognitive data results.

With Savonix, individuals, employers, healthcare systems, researchers, and providers access accurate cognitive data in domains from attention and impulse control to different kinds of memory to assess for dementia risk. We create evidence-based clinical care plans at the touch of a button — fully customized to an individual’s healthcare needs.

Our Core Values


“I believe that Savonix will not only pave the way to a better understanding of cognitive health in the world, but also help overcome the stigma of dementia.”

Sarah L.
Marketing Specialist

Our Philosophy — The Fifth Vital Sign

To Savonix, cognition represents the fifth vital sign and is as important to measure regularly as blood pressure, temperature, pulse, and breathing rate. We make this possible. We provide our customers with comprehensive data and insights around brain health and lifestyle to inspire patient behavior change.

Our big vision? A world without dementia. We deliver improved classification and diagnosis of different types of dementia to ultimately drive prevention and novel therapeutics.


Pin Chin Kwok
Dr. Simon Collinson
Chief Science Officer
Jillian Kwan-Jacobs
Dan Kogan
Head of Technology

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