Track and Monitor Your Customer’s Cognition. Improve and Enhance Your Products.

Measure improvements in your customers' cognition over time, or the impact your product has on different functions of the brain. Savonix works with you to meet your needs and the needs of
your customers.

Savonix can help.

Savonix Mobile app is an easy-to-use cognitive assessment tool your customers can take remotely on any mobile device to test their cognition. You’ll receive results after their tests are complete, and you can access and analyze real-time data to enhance your product.

Built on the Unity gaming platform, our tests are
device-agnostic, accurate, and reliable. You can choose from a battery of tests to tailor to your needs. Micro-testing at frequent intervals takes up to three minutes while a fully-integrated battery of 12 cognitive domains such as focus and memory requires up to 30 minutes.

The Savonix Consumer Engagement Solution Includes:


The Consumer Engagement webpage can be co-branded with your logo. Your customer will learn about your program and obtain information about their test through the webpage.


After downloading the Savonix Mobile App, your consumers can take our three to 30-minute cognitive assessment remotely on any
mobile device.

Integrated with Apple HealthApp, you can obtain sensitive cognitive data and monitor other critical factors like activity levels, heart data, and sleep.


With Savonix Dashboard and Savonix Insights, you can take a behind-the-scenes look at the data, and understand your customers better. Use Insights to provide in-depth cognitive, demographic, and behavioral analyses of data to enhance your products.

Senescence Life Sciences

Senescence Life Sciences’ neuroprotective supplement products are designed to boost brain function while protecting the brain from free radical damage. Using Savonix to evaluate the long-term efficacy of the supplement across different functions of the brain, Senescence Life Sciences assesses the cognitive benefits of their product.

“There are many companies doing something similar, but we found Savonix to be the leader among those we looked at.”

Dr. Shawn Watson
CEO, Senescence Life Sciences

Read our Case Study to learn how Savonix enhances consumer engagement.

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