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Join us in the fight against Alzheimer’s.

In just 45 minutes, you can help us understand the causes of Alzheimer’s by taking a confidential cognitive test through the Savonix Mobile app.

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Cognitive Health = Better Health

Built from the ground up on a mobile platform, Savonix delivers the first scientifically proven, consumer-style app that provides valuable information about your brain health and wellness. We assess many areas of cognition with our game-like versions of gold-standard neurocognitive tests. Used in thousands of research studies worldwide, these tests have been shown to predict the development of dementia and to track symptoms such as memory and executive function in other disorders like depression and diabetes.

Backed by Science

Researchers, providers, and payers across the globe have discovered the most accessible, affordable, and clinically valid assessment to evaluate and improve brain health. The Savonix mobile platform analyzes cognition — the mental process of acquiring knowledge and understanding through our thoughts, experiences, and senses.

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Delivering Measurable Results


cognitive domains used to assess brain function (including focus, impulse, verbal memory, attention, and more)


data points that provide
detailed app-behavioral insights into test performance and cognition


of cognitive data profiles used in our living norm database make our tests more precise than other cognitive assessments

A Healthy Ecosystem of Support

Our platform integrates clinically valid cognitive tests, data analysis, clinical decision support, and care planning tools. Our team of clinical neuropsychologists, data scientists, and data engineers work with you to provide everything you need to test your patients’ cognitive health. We deliver actionable support through our Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) mapped support and care plans.

We work with insurance and life sciences companies, healthcare providers, and nursing care centers to assess brain health at the individual and population level. Our evidence-based health care plans enable your clinicians, doctors, and nurses to confidently propose brain health programs for patients based on integrated lifestyle and cognitive risk reports. Savonix’s tools proactively identify cognitive impairment in patients and offer actionable recommendations for clinicians.

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As a clinician, you want to care for your patients’ total health. We empower you to test and monitor cognition over time, whether as a primary concern for conditions like vascular dementia and Alzheimer’s disease or as a measure of treatment outcome in conditions like diabetes and depression.

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As a researcher at a leading academic center, biotech, or pharmaceutical company, you require cognition measurement in your clinical trials. Savonix tracks cognition as a primary or secondary outcome measure or as a way to monitor for adverse events in your study or clinical trial. A web and mobile-based dashboard enables your team to track compliance and offers single, double, and triple-blind support capability for your study. With HIPAA and Part 11 compliance, Savonix ensures the reliability and security of your data.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

“Working with the Savonix Mobile app was easy. They helped us understand what needed to be done operationally. The app was very convenient compared with traditional paper testing, helped us reduce administrative paperwork, and offered an easy solution to seniors with results that were easy to explain and understand.”

Isaiah Chng
Director ProAge Pte Ltd

“There are many companies doing something similar, but we found Savonix to be the leader among those we looked at.”

Dr. Shawn Watson
CEO, Senescence Life Sciences

“In the world of brain diagnostics, we set out to find a tool that would provide us the necessary data to highlight the areas of needed improvement for a patient while also being complimentary to various imaging modalities. Savonix provides just such a platform. Through the use of digitized neurocognitive testing and integrated analytics, we are able to deliver a state-of-the-art exam that is easy to administer as well as easy to explain to both patient and other clinicians. The specific nature of the analytics we receive from Savonix allows treating providers to create better care plans for patients suffering from a multitude of neurological ailments. When coupled with the ability to receive insurance reimbursement from both Commercial and Government payers, it was an excellent addition for us in our diagnostic repertoire.”

Sean Strauss
Program Manager Boulder Valley Care Network

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